Name format
There will be fields in some of the forms and reports described here that will not be explained. These are either advanced features that will be explained in other help topics or are not relevant in this particular bibliography.

This item cam be printed as a web page and kept as a guide when doing data entry

  • For each author, editor, translator or other "creator," to the right of the line is a scroll list to select any name that has been previously entered. Selecting from this list assures that the name is spelled and punctuated the same -- otherwise searches for a name may not find every work by that same person.
  • If a person goes by a first initial, then full middle name, or two or more names, put these in the "Firstname" field.
  • For initials following the first name or set of names, put these in the "Initials" Field. For initials, use periods and separate by spaces.
  • If the last name has a prefix, such as Ben, de, Mc, St, von or Van, if it is capitalized, enter it as a part of the last name, if it is not capitalized, enter it in the "Prefix" field.
  • Conforming to SBL Handbook of Style names with prefixes are alphabetized by the "Lastname" field, e.g. Harnack, Adolf von; Van Seters, John. "Ben" and "Ibn" belong in the "Lastname" field.
  • Compound last names are variable. Try to find existing examples in a bibliography. It is generally based on how we expect to find the name: e.g. Collins, Adela Yarbro; Schussler Fiorenza, Elizabeth; Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre.
  • If the alphabetization is to occur on the second element of the compound name, enter the first element in the "Prefix" field, otherwise enter the entire name, with or without hyphens, in the "lastname" field.
  • Abbreviations, such as St. will, as is standard, be alphabetized in their abbreviated state.
  • Any of the fields other than the last name field can be left blank and nothing, not even a gap will show up on the display.

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