Editing a resource
There will be fields in some of the forms and reports described here that will not be explained. These are either advanced features that will be explained in other help topics or are not relevant in this particular bibliography.

This item can be printed as a web page and kept as a guide when doing data entry

Editing a resource
One thing to keep in mind is that changes are not finally committed until the last "Proceed" on the last edit screen has been clicked. To throw away changes, simply select "List" (or anything else) from the main menu.

  • Locate a resource through any search or list function.
  • Click on the edit icon (probably a pencil) on the right of the top line of the listing. The left most of the 2 or three icons is to view all information about a resource, the one to the right of that is the edit icon.
  • In the first screen that comes up you can edit the title and subtitle. Under some circumstances you can change the resource type, i.e. from an article to a book chapter.
  • If you want to edit the enclosing collection, such as a book that contains the item, check the little box at the bottom of the screen, "Change the collection."
    • The next screen is a list of all collections except the currently listed collection for the item.
    • If the item isn't currently listed as belonging to a collection or you need to change it, select the correct one here.
    • It is not likely that one would want to change a collection except, perhaps, if an article is reprinted in a more accessible resource, such as a retrospective collection of a scholar's works.
    • Under normal circumstances select "Ignore" and then hit "Proceed"

  • The number of authors and or editors (of a collection), etc for the item are listed and can be changed on the next screen. Click on proceed. There can be any combination of authors and editors including zero authors or zero editors
  • A form will come up with lines for the correct number of authors and editors and with the names previously entered already filled in. Make any changes needed.
  • See the article "Name format" in the "News" section for instructions for entering author or editor names.
  • If the collection information is not being edited, there appears only items like "This volume number" and the page numbers. What is asked for will make sense for the resource type.
  • If the collection information is being edited then:
    • At this time, you must select the title of the collection from the scrollist (be sure to note the proper title before you start the edit)
    • Any other fields will have previously entered data in the fields.
    • Select, if possible, the publisher/location from the scroll list, to assure uniformity. Otherwise fill in these fields.
    • Fill in all the remaining publication date, volume and series fields, as appropriate. Again, if a field is left blank the display will adjust for their absence (e.g. if it is a volume of a set it will display "vol x of y vols" but if not, nothing will appear in this place in the display.)

  • We do not currently have a way of importing formal abstracts (copyright issues, otherwise cut and paste works just fine), so a brief comment about the item would be appreciated. Please append your name in brackets after the comment. Anyone with edit privileges can add additional information, with their name, at any time.
  • Categories are general areas or topics the referenced work is about, such as "Source text" or "Intertextuality." Multiple categories can be selected by clicking on subsequent items while holding down the [control] key.
  • Keywords can be selected from the scroll list which is the preferred way of operation. Multiple keywords can be selected by clicking on subsequent items while holding down the [control] key. If an important concept is not in this list, new keywords can be added, separated by commas, in the keyword field. Keywords are more specific than categories.
  • Category words may not actually appear in the resource being referenced, but it is assumed that keywords are in the document.
  • The "Add this resource to user bibliographies" field allows having the resource attached to any of the available sub-bibliographies. [Control]-Click will allow adding more than one sub-bibliography.
  • Click on "Proceed"

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