Exporting lists
There will be fields in some of the forms and reports described here that will not be explained. These are either advanced features that will be explained in other help topics or are not relevant in this particular bibliography.
This item can be printed as a web page and kept as a guide when doing data entry

Exporting, Importing and Printing resources

  • First, select or list the resources you want to be included in the output. The sort order is not important for that can be changed later in the process. Whatever system was used to create the list on your screen will be used for the export
  • Select "File/Export RTF" from the menu.
    • The first section of the form allows setting font and margins for the basic listing.
    • There is then a number of sections each beginning with a check box. These allow adding or leaving out additional information such as the Abstracts, and set the font for these.
    • Then there is a field for setting the divider between listings. The default which is showing (but doesn't look like anything is showing) is an underline. Any character can be used and the default can be deleted so only blank lines occur between listings.
    • Below that is an option of adding 1-3 "Carriage Returns" between listings.
    • Finally, to the right of that field is a field for selecting the bibliographical style to be used with outputing.

  • Click on "Proceed"
  • This will bring up a list of links to data output. Each link is a very long hexadecimal number with an ".RTF" extension.
    • You can click on this link and it will allow you to save and open the file in a word processor.
    • Or you can right click on the link and save the file to your file system.
    • The saved file can then be opened in any word processor and manipulated as any other document.

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