Hints for entering resources
There will be fields in some of the forms and reports described here that will not be explained. These are either advanced features that will be explained in other help topics or are not relevant in this particular bibliography.
This item can be printed as a web page and kept as a guide when doing data entry

Tips on entering new resources

  • Have a copy of the appropriate "News" help file (such as "Entering Articles")handy --either as a separate tab in your browser or printed out.
  • Determine the type of resource. This is sometimes a matter of convention rather than something obvious. Look for similar examples in the list of resources. For example "Supplements" to various periodicals are considered "Books" but the individual articles are "chapters in a collection"
  • Look up the author ("creator" in Wikindx talk) using the "Browse Creators" menu option. Is the work or something suspiciously like it already listed?
    • Check the edition number/date
    • Check publisher
    • Check if article has been reprinted
  • Can you simply edit an existing item?
    • Do you have more detail?
    • Can you add an Abstract or notes about the resource?
    • Can you set the Keywords and Categories? Keywords are important words that would be found in a word search on the resource itself. Categories are not necessarily in the resource, but reflect major topics of interest.

  • Is the work within a larger work -- is it a "collection?"
    • Do a "browse creator" for the editor of the larger work
    • If not there, enter the collection information
    • This is done on the first chapter being entered listing the number of editors of the book
    • The "editor" may be the author of the book and the same as the author of the chapter. This keeps from listing a whole book when only one chapter of the book is of interest to this bibliography.
    • The collection or book title is entered when the author, editor and other information is entered.
    • If the collection is already in the system, on the first page, where the title of item is entered, check the checkbox at the bottom. This brings up an additional page to select the collection from a list.
    • simply select the collection from the list of collections available.
    • Again, check edition number/date

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